A photo of us This summer the choir is going to participate in two international festivals. The first of them is IFAS, which takes place directly in our home town of Pardubice. For the second festival the VUS will travel to Italy. At this occasion we are planning to perform several concerts in the region of Abruzzo - which is a partner region to the Pardubice region - and in Merano, a partner town of the city of Pardubice.

Another significant event of this year will be the baptism of our new compact dics called ECCE HOMO, which focuses on popular music. The folk group POUTA ( are presenting themselves in the composition Salmo 150 by Ariel Ramirez.

Since January the choir has been working on a project by Miloš Bok where - performing his Snové koledy (Dream carols) and Credo in Fis-minor - the VUS Pardubice will for the first time in history cooperate with the (VUS UK Praha).

In the year 2006 the whole musical world celebrates 250 years since the birth of one of the greatest musicians and componists Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. At this occasion our choir is going to rehearse his Requiem d-minor and perform it accompanied by "Jaroslav Kocián chamber orchestra".

Christmas time 2006 will carry on the traditional vein of performing Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba, this time accompanied by the great cimbalom player Jan Mikušek.