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CD Ecce Homo

This CD focuses on jazz, pop, film music and songs from musicals, using suitable intsrumental accompaniment. Anyway, this CD is popular, evoking dance and more attractive for the listeners. The dramaturgy of the compositions stems from the positive and friendly atmosphere that is to be found among the members.
CD Ecce Homo

CD Te Deum

The expressive design of this album, with its monothematic focal point, emerged naturally, thanks to the fact that sacred music is pre-eminent in our repertoire of the classics. We get the impression that the authors of spiritual music were truly inspired by something supernatural, because the eloquence and ingenuity of their spiritual music, combined with profound texts, creates the deepest feelings of awe in the listeners.
CD Tedeum

CD Souznění

The profile album Souznění was released in 1998. It contains altogether 19 selected compositions of all genres.
CD Souzneni

The Czech national anthem performed by the VUS Pardubice.