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Naše fotka The University Choir of Pardubice (VUS) was established in 1950 by doc.Ing. Vlastislav Novák, who was its conductor until 1993. Then Jiří Kožnar took over the leadership of the ensemble's and was its conductor until 2007. From the year 2008 until 31.3.2010, Ondřej Tajovský was the artistic director of the VUS, nowadays Tomáš Žídek is. Od roku 2008 do 31.3.2010 byl jeho uměleckým vedoucím Ondřej Tajovský a dnes je jím Tomáš Židek The choir members are mainly students, nowadays. Besides classical vocal and vocal-instrumental compositions the ensemble's repertoire covers also jazz, soul, musicals, gospels and alternative music. The VUS already performed with the Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra and O. Tajovský's orchestra LVI CHORDAE. The ensemble participates in numerous choir competitions and festivals both at home and abroad (e.g. Canta Pueblo Argentina, FIMU Belfort, Polifonico Arezzo). In July 2005 the VUS travelled for a concert tour to Canada and participated in Festival 500 in St.John's (NFL). Since 1990 the VUS recorded three CDs on its own and five CDs in co-operation with several famous musicians. The choir has also been recording for Czech TV and radio stations.

Premises of the University of Pardubice have been the home of the choir since the choir's foundation.


Tomáš Židek

Tomáš Židek Tomáš Židek, born Feb. 8.1981, graduated from Grammar School and Pardubice Conservatoire, where he studied viola, organ and mainly conducting. He continued in his studies at Academy of Performing Arts,Prague, where he graduated with Master's Degree in 2009 and continues in pursuing doctoral degree. In 2005 he took part at master course conducting workshop with professor M. Stringer in Austria. He has sucsessfully worked with many ensembles.

Ondřej Tajovský

From 1.1.2008 to 31.3.2010 he worked as a conductor fo VUS (the University Choir of Pardubice).

During the period of his activity he closely cooperated with Faculty of Philosophy at University in Pardubice. He led an optional seminar of historical music. His choir performed in Slovakia twice. He and VUS won a silver diploma two times.

Jiří Kožnar

Guest conductor of the University Choir od Pardubice

Jiří Kožnar Jiří Kožnar is a graduate of the Music Conservatory of Pardubice, where he majored in both Organ and Conducting. He is engaged in pedagogical work as well as in performing concerts, arranging choral and electro-acoustic music and direction in music studios. He teaches at a Musik School in Pardubice, where he founded the organ department. He is a frequent clinician at the national choral festival Bohemia Cantat and a member of the jury at Harant festivities of historic chant.

Kožnar was the principle conductor of the VUS Pardubice from 1993 until 2007. During a choir meeting on December 22nd, 2007 he was nomitated for honorary conductor of the VUS Pardubice.

Doc. Ing. Vlastislav Novák, CSc.

The founder of the University Choir od Pardubice

Vlastislav Novák He learnt the basics of music and conducting in the Jaroslav Kocián Music School in Ústí nad Orlicí. During his time at grammar school he founded two choirs there - a youth choir of the school and a children's choir. He studied at the University of Pardubice to become engineer of chemistry. From 1957 until 1993 he was pedagogue and research worker there. In 1992 he habilitated at the University of Hradec Králové and received the degree associated professor. He was also working there as a teacher of vocal trainig and choir singing. In 1950 he founded the VUS and in 1960 the Pardubice children's choir. Simultaneously to chemistry studies he also studied privately composition and conducting at AMU (Academy of performing arts) and the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague (Prof. J.Veselka, Prof. M.Venhoda, Prof. V.Dobiáš, Prof. Dr. J.Plavec).

Since 1980 he works as a professor of conducting and choir singing at the Conservatory of Pardubice. He educated a lot of well-known professional conductors, who are active in the whole of the Czech republic (Jiří Kožnar, Zdeněk Kudrnka) and in the USA. He was a lecturer at numerous conductor seminars and workshops in the Czech republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Greece, Tchaj-wan, Japan and America. He is also being invited to participate in international juries of choir competitions in the Czech republic, numerous countries of Europe and in America. He was nominated "personality of the city of Pardubice" and he was awarded several other honorary degrees and acknowledgements of cities and universities (University of Göteborg, Humboldt University Berlin, Lomonosov University Moscow).

The Union of Czech Choirs awarded him the highest conductor prices of František Lýsek and Bedřich Smetana.

Novák founded several international festivals - 1968 the Internatinal festival IFAS and 1969 the International Festival of Children's and Youth Choirs in Pardubice, 1994 the International Festival of Bedřich Smetana in Litomyšl and 1991 the International Festival of Bohuslav Martinů.